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Protection in case you die. Protection in case you don't.
At Alliance Group, our mission is to educate Americans about a little-known new kind of life insurance that more fully protects you and those you care about most. Come learn about Living Benefits with us!

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Do More With Your Life Insurance Policy.

Better in Every Way
There's a long list of triggering events that could allow you to access crucial money from your life insurance policy - while you're still alive.

Money When You Need it Most
...not just in case you die. If you get seriously sick or injured, Living Benefits money can be used to replace your income while you recover, pay for the best treatment available, and get you back on your feet.

More For The Same Price
Living Benefits give you more options, more flexibility, and more protection - all for the same price as an old-fashioned life insurance policy that only pays out if you die. It's a no-brainer.

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WATCH: Living Benefits in Action

Living Benefits have been around for 25 years, yet most Americans still don't know what they are, what they do, or they they even exist as an option!

New, modern policies allow policyholders to access their death benefit while they're still living. This gets money in their hands when they need it most if they suffer a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or other qualifying illness. And the best part is, these benefits come at no extra cost.

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More Protection. More Access. More Options. Same Price.

It's simple: Traditional life insurance pays out to your family if you die. New Living Benefits-enhanced policies also pay out if you die, but allow the option to access your policy's death benefit while you're still alive if you get seriously sick or injured.

The kicker - Living Benefits, on average, cost the same per month as an old-fashioned life insurance policy that will only pay out if you're dead. It's not more expensive; it's just more expansive.
Living Benefits Explained

How Living Benefits Work

Living Benefits sound great... so what's the catch?

What triggers a Living Benefits life insurance policy to pay out? How does "death benefit acceleration" work? What options do clients have during the claims process? Watch our award-winning explainer video to dive into the details of Living Benefits.

Learn how Living Benefits life insurance policies use "accelerated benefit riders" to empower clients to gain access to their policy's death benefit while they're still alive. In the above video, we use the real-life example of one of our clients who received $343,000 from her $405,000 Term policy after a surprise cancer diagnosis.

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Alliance Group is phenomenal! Not only are they a super friendly and great group of people, but are extremely knowledge and skilled at what they do. Their customer/agent services are great with very quick response times. LOVE working with Alliance and their crew!

- Connor Niebrugge

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Cannot say enough about Alliance Group!

They are the experts when it comes to Life Insurance with Living Benefits. An amazing group of people dedicated to educating consumers and agents alike.

- Elisabeth Holland

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Alliance Group offers a wide range of services that are second to none in the business.

Their agents and staff are class acts that hold themselves to an extremely high standard.

- Joseph Lucas

Living Benefits For Wherever Life Finds You

Living Benefits life insurance is a versatile tool that can be utilized to solve a variety of planning puzzles across the financial spectrum.

Life Insurance for Families
Living Benefits | Alliance Group

Living Benefits protect you and the ones you love most with life insurance you don't have to die to use.

Life Insurance for Business Owners
Living Benefits | Alliance Group

Key person coverage, buy-sell agreements, and more. Protect your business with modern coverage designed to solve modern problems.

Life Insurance for Newlyweds
Living Benefits | Alliance Group

Just married? Give your spouse the gift of a lifetime of peace of mind.

Life Insurance for Homeowners
Living Benefits | Alliance Group

Is your largest personal debt secured with mortgage protection insurance? If not, we can help fix that.

Life Insurance for Later in Life
Living Benefits | Alliance Group

It's never too early to secure Living Benefits for your golden years.

Life Insurance for High Income Earners
Living Benefits | Alliance Group

High net worth individuals can benefit from specialized Living Benefits solutions designed to grow and protect wealth.

Life Insurance for Tax-Free Retirement
Living Benefits | Alliance Group

Learn how to take advantage of special IRS allowances to fund a happy, healthy, tax-free retirement.

Life Insurance for Young Professionals
Living Benefits | Alliance Group

Life insurance is cheapest when you're young! The sooner you're protected, the better.

Life Insurance for Estate Planning
Living Benefits | Alliance Group

Save money on estate taxes and avoid unnecessary headaches for you and your heirs with Living Benefits life insurance.

Life Insurance for College Planning
Living Benefits | Alliance Group

Living Benefits life insurance provides a unique opportunity to save for your kids' college costs.

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Living Benefits Testimonial | Alliance Group
Case study

Meet Annie

Living Benefits Life Insurance | Alliance Group
32 Year old wife and mother of 2, Account Manager
Living Benefits Life Insurance | Alliance Group
$500,000 policy, $41.00 / Month
Living Benefits Life Insurance | Alliance Group
Recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer
Living Benefits Life Insurance | Alliance Group
Received $280,000 in Living Benefits

When Annie and her husband bought their first life insurance policies shortly after getting married, they were able to purchase a cheap life insurance policy online through a quoting engine. Annie and her husband felt at ease knowing that they had protection in place, just in case the worst occurred.

It wasn't until years later that a family friend introduced them to a new, modern twist on life insurance - Living Benefits. After taking some time to learn about the concept, Annie instantly recognized the value of having financial protection for dozens of "what-ifs" other than just death - especially since it didn't cost her and her husband anything extra to have the Living Benefits options. Two years later, Annie's decision to switch from a traditional policy to a Living Benefits policy proved to be a crucial one. A surprise Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis activated the Living Benefits options in her policy, and she was able to get $280,000 in her hands immediately. Under her old policy, she would not have received a dime - after all, she was still alive!

That money took all of the financial worries out of Annie's equation. She still had a battle to fight as she navigated time off work and cancer treatments, but having that Living Benefits money in her bank account made a world of difference for her and her family. She could take her time recovering before heading back to work. She could explore the very best treatment options for her illness, without worrying about what her health insurance would cover.

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